Understanding Universal Laws And How They Apply To Attracting Your Soulmate

Whether you know it or not, you are always either attracting or repelling things all day long based on the `energy’ signals you’re sending out at any given time. In order to attract your right mate, it is imperative that you understand the universal laws that govern this energy so that you can begin making better `conscious’ choices about the energy you choose to send out.

Depending on what source material you read or listen to, there are a number of universal laws. Some say there are twelve, some say there are six or seven, and some even say there’s really only one. For the purposes of this article, however, I am listing the three that I think are most relevant to attracting your soulmate.

Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration states that everything that exists in life when reduced to its most primordial form is vibration or energy. From the tiniest atoms to plants to animals, cars, buildings, sound, light and man, all exist as vibrational masses made up of their own unique frequencies. As solid as a rock appears, if you were to look at it under a high powered microscope, you would see that it is teeming with activity, and that it is nothing but swirling pockets of energy coalesced together. So even solid matter is actually not solid at all!

The truth is your vibrations attract compatible energy in the universe. By learning to control the vibrations we are sending out through our thoughts and emotions and learning how to “consciously” keep our thoughts on what we want to attract, we have more control over what we bring into our lives, be it a mate or anything else.

Law of Resonance

Just like you tune your radio to your favorite station, you can tune yourself to receive those frequencies that resonate with your desired results. Radio stations transmit at a certain frequency, and when you adjust the knobs of your radio, you can match the outbound frequency of those stations. The same applies when it comes to the vibrational frequencies you emit through your thoughts and emotions. This is called Resonance. You are, literally, resonating a vibration and continuously attracting matching vibrational frequencies in the universe. This is why some people tend to attract the same kind of relationships over and over again even though those relationships may not be in their best interest.

Law of Attraction

This is the Law that most people are now aware of because of `The Secret’ and, consequently, there are many people who have tried to put this law to work according to `The Secret’ but have not gotten the results they wanted. The reason is because their efforts have been on the `conscious’ level instead of the `subconscious’ level.

Doing affirmations and putting together vision boards as `The Secret’ suggests helps to a degree, but, by themselves, will never work for long term results. What `The Secret’ fails to explain is that, in addition to doing these things, you have to do the deeper `subconscious’ reprogramming work to change your vibrational resonance in order to attract anything of real significance – especially, if what you are wanting is a far cry from what you are currently experiencing.

The good news is you really can use these laws to improve your life once you understand the components you’re working with (i.e. your conscious, subconscious, thoughts, emotions, vibrations, and resonance), and, also, correctly understand how to use them together to make positive changes within you that will lead to the outcomes you desire! It may sound complicated, but it’s really not. The truth is you use these same components all day everyday for everything you do. Only now, you’ll start using them `consciously’ as oppose to `unconsciously’. Happy Attracting!