The Law of Attraction Requires Something More Than Just Thoughts

Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction by now. They’ve heard of it, but they somehow cannot quite bring themselves to believe it. After all, it says that if you just think about something, like making money, it will just happen, right? Can it really be that simple?

These people have been brought up to believe that if you want to make money, or have a nice house or car, you have to work hard for it by doing some job you hate for a boss you despise. They’ve been encouraged in this by hearing since childhood phrases like “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” So now someone comes along and tells them you can just think your way to riches?

Well of course, the answer is that no, it is not that simple. I’m going to look in this article at some of the things that have to be there when you use your thoughts to achieve your desires. Because in fact, the Law of Attraction is real, and you can indeed use your thoughts to attract success and wealth in abundance.

But before I look at those things, a word in passing about how our thoughts can affect the physical world. Let’s say you decide to lift a glass and take a drink from it. That’s a thought. But it causes a physical effect to happen in your arm that moves it toward the glass. That is an example of thoughts causing events to happen in the physical world. Having said that, here are some of the factors you should consider when you apply the Law of Attraction in your life.


For your thoughts to attract and manifest the things you dream about into your life, they must have focus and belief. So it is no good thinking of one thing one day, and something else the next. Decide what you want, clearly, and ask the universe to bring it to you, then believe that you already have it, even though you do not yet see it.

No negative beliefs

Many people subconsciously work against their own wishes when trying to apply the Law of Attraction. Thus, they will repeat any number of positive affirmations aloud, while at the same time, their inner voice is contradicting what they are saying. I personally have found meditation works well for minimizing the effect of this. But there are many different strategies, and you should experiment until you find one that suits you.

Positive thoughts

You must fill your mind with positive thoughts about your desires at all times. This can be done by feeling the emotions you will feel when your desires are fulfilled. I find it helpful to feel gratitude for the things I already have manifested around me. If you get negative thoughts (and you will) do not try to resist them, because this only strengthens them. Notice them, and then let them dissolve as you gently direct your thoughts into a more positive space.


You are very unlikely to achieve a million dollars, or anything else, by just sitting on the sofa and thinking about it. When you have put in your request to the universe, you need to take action to bring it into being. The universe will give you signs as to what you should do. Just follow them. Do not worry if you miss any of them. Relax. The universe will bring you more ideas until your desires have manifested.

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