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Questions About Personal Injury Claims, Lawsuits and Injuries in Sacramento Answered By A Qualified Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney

There are various kinds of accidents and injuries included in the broad area of personal injury law. Cases involving personal injury are usually handled under tort law.

In the city of Sacramento, intentional torts and negligence torts apply to personal injury cases. If someone injures you on purpose, you can sue them for an intentional tort. An accidental injury is subject to a negligence tort. If you can show you were injured, it’s possible to use a standard called strict liability to file a lawsuit against the person who injured you even if the injury was not negligent.

Personal Injury Claims in Sacramento

Personal injury applies in many situations in which you can recover damages. Below is a list of situations covered by the field of personal injury:

Claims for car accidents

Claims on premises liability

Claims with dog bites

Claims on medical malpractice

Negligence in nursing homes

Construction injuries

Railroad accidents

Accidents involving boats

Accidents involving bicycles

Accidents involving pedestrians

Death due to negligence

A personal injury claim can generally be filed in any circumstance in which you were hurt by someone else either on purpose or through negligence.

How Do You Claim a Personal Injury Claim in Sacramento?

In order to understand what you need to prove in your personal injury claim, you need to talk with a qualified Sacramento personal injury attorney. Since the requirements vary depending on the incident, it’s crucial you fully understand the requirements for your claim.

A Sacramento personal injury lawyer will be able to tell you exactly what information you need to provide in order to prove your case depending on your specific injury and claim.

Sacramento Injury Damages

Under the law in Sacramento, you can recover damages for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and emotional distress, depending on the nature of your injury. Certain types of cases do have limitations placed on them. One such case is medical malpractice for which there is a $250,000 limit for non-economic injuries suffered. Cases involving punitive damages are another example of those with limitations. You may only receive these damages if the defendant showed malice or fraud in causing your injury.

According to the law in Sacramento, in a wrongful death case, any damages that are “just” under all the circumstances of the case can be recovered. Typically, in a wrongful death case, you can recover the lost wages and medical bills the deceased victim would have been able to recover had he or she lived. Personal injury damages can also be sought for the lost wages the deceased would have earned. Other items you can collect damages on include funeral expenses, loss of companionship, etc.

It is possible to handle a simple and straightforward claim on your own. However, most cases are complex and the average person will not be able to handle it without the help of an experienced Sacramento Injury Lawyer. Since every claim is unique, the specific members of the legal team who are needed will vary from case to case. Choosing the right Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer will go a long way in making sure you get the damages you deserve.