Romantic Comedies, Not Pictured The Divorce Attorney

Divorce is still a fairly new concept. In fact, terminating a marriage was extremely taboo just 50 years ago. Now, nearly 50% of marriages are unsuccessful. In conjunction with these statistics, the topic has become much more prevalent in our culture. In the film world, there are numerous movies that touch on the topic of divorce, many of which could have benefited from a divorce attorney character.

It’s Complicated This film shows that troublesome relationships are not sequestered to a specific age bracket. The story focuses on the relationship between Jane Adler (Meryl Streep) and Jake Adler (Alec Baldwin). Although the couple has separated for more than ten years and Mr. Adler has remarried, the two reignite their flame.

Secret Window Johnny Depp stars in this film as Mort Rainey, a famous mystery writer. While staying in a cabin in the woods (where most thrillers) take place, Rainey begins to lose touch with reality. Rainey is haunted by a man John Shooter (John Turturro), who claims that Rainey has plagiarized his work. The stressful situation is only worsened by Rainey’s pending separation from his wife. As emotions intensify, Shooter allegedly burns down Rainey’s soon-to-be-ex-wife’s house. She surely would have benefited from a good divorce attorney.

Crazy, Stupid, Love In this romantic comedy, Cal and Emily Weaver, played by Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, are high school sweethearts trying to survive the end of their marriage. The separation is hard on everyone, but especially Mr. Weaver, who begins hanging out with a suave, womanizer (Ryan Gosling) in order to become a new man.

Sweet Home Alabama This romantic comedy focuses on a woman who has left her life in the South to become a big-time fashion designer in NYC. Just when her life seems to be right on track and her handsome boyfriend proposes, she is forced to return to her roots and her husband who refuses to divorce her. This character really would have benefited from a divorce attorney, who could have helped to better negotiate the terms of the separation. Although audiences empathize with her husband, hoping they’ll get back together, the truth of the matter is that the divorce should have been finalized long before the plot even began.

Conflict resolution might not make for a good movie, but it sure does make for a smoother divorce. Although ending marriages can be extremely emotional and we all root for the characters to get back together, sometimes it is best to hire an objective, compassionate attorney, who can sever ties in the best way possible.

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