Becoming an English Solicitor – The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS)

The system is fairer nevertheless equally stringent and allows only the highest calibre of lawyers to help pass the QLTS examination.

If you intend to become an English lawyer, a big factor within determining whether you’ll move your QLTS course is the course provider itself. Without the need of excellent teaching, informative supplies, a support network, and experienced staff to help you through, passing will be more difficult. The QLTS School programme provides a dedicated approach to that QLTS assessments – and because it’s completely centered on the one test, students really benefit from an array of advice and support that is always available.

The QLTS School is committed to helping international lawyers become English solicitors. Our website has information for any stage of the course of action, from what you need to do to be eligible for any QLTS to applying for any course. There is recommendations about careers, the important things about practising English law, and guidance for every step of the training course.

With over ten years’ experience and thousands of international lawyers who have successfully qualified as English solicitors, the QLTS School comes with a excellent reputation and a high candidate pass rate. That QLTS course is thorough and convenient, and you’ve got all the materials you might want to study – including distance education courses, video and sound lectures, and access on the online study portal – and the freedom to study when it suits you. The study portal allows you to communicate with other people, as well as access the many teaching tools including videos, audio and PowerPoint reports.

Created by skilled legal professionals who have worked thoroughly with international lawyers and understand their needs, the QLTS School programme gives you everything you need to help pass your QLTS assessments and go on to enjoy an extensive career for an English solicitor.
The month of January has traditionally been a busy time of year for lawyers and family law firms. So much so that this has now acquired that moniker ‘divorce month’. But is this tag justified and why does January seem to bring things to a head for struggling couples.

Effect on Legal Firms

It is not necessarily the case that January brings along with it the highest number with divorces actually completing but any family law and divorce lawyer will tell you anecdotally that they do indeed handle much more individuals or couples who look to get the ball rolling in Present cards than at any other season; to the extent that family law firms now brace themselves by intending maximise their available resources as they enter the New 12 months.

Effect on Other Sectors

This upsurge in divorce enquiries doesn’t just affect lawyers but can also bring with it a growth in business for auctions, as prospective divorcees look to either value their property in front of a divorce or sell it as a result of one. Perversely, this January influx of available properties can be viewed as a annual fillip on the housing market in general (not just estate agents) since more valuable properties are frequently unlocked, although the newly single divorcees may well provide additional competition further down the ladder next to, for example, first period buyers.

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