Different Types of Criminal Justice Lawyers

Lawyers represent their clients by passing the bar examination in their states where they want to practice law. A license allows a lawyer for handling different cases. However many lawyers have specialized in specific areas of law. Selecting an expert criminal lawyer is essential for solving your case competently. These days the courts provide an attorney for criminal defendants who are not able to afford one. Criminal defendants who are able to afford an attorney usually appoint private counsel and pay a fee for the service of the lawyers. A good number of criminal attorneys exist on the prosecution side. Let’s have a look at the different types of criminal justice lawyers:

Public Defenders

The service of a public defender differs from one jurisdiction to another. In most places, the state employs the lawyers. These lawyers receive a salary and have to deal with a good number of cases. Moreover, the federal government has a public defender service for the suspects accused of federal crimes who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

Private Lawyers

Many lawyers in private practice also represent themselves as criminal defendants for the suspects who can pay for the legal fees. These attorneys are employed by small, large and medium size law firms focussing on criminal justice. Remember that paying a private lawyer is usually an expensive process. Often the suspects convicted of -white-collar’ crimes appoint their own lawyers.

Legal Aid Societies

Non-profit organizations also exist for representing the poor defendants. In order to take an instance the New York Legal Aid Society is the leading provider of public defender services in New York.

Panel Attorneys

Jurisdictions such as the District of Columbia pay private attorneys for representing indigent defendants. The government has a panel of private criminal justice lawyers receiving hourly compensation for their time. Making use of a panel of criminal justice attorney has been often a supplement to the public defender service and not a replacement. In order to take an instance the Columbia District has panel attorneys as well as a strong public defender service.

District Attorneys

The government always has the responsibility of prosecuting persons accused of crimes. This process falls under the local district lawyer’s office for most jurisdictions. The local district lawyers have a staff of assistant district attorneys who are accountable for prosecuting crimes in the local and state courts all across the USA.

United States Attorneys

The chief law enforcement official in the USA is the Attorney General. The attorney of the United States for every federal district is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Every US attorney has a staff of assistant United States attorneys and they are responsible for prosecuting crimes in the federal district courts of the USA.

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