Why Police Gloves Are The Right Choice For You Even If You Are Not In Law Enforcement

So you know how police officers are always loaded down with gear, right? You’ve seen them, hauling around tons of gear, worn around a belt or hooked to a vest. But I’ll bet the police gloves they wear are not something you’ve noticed. After all, gloves are commonplace and not particularly interesting, right?

But if that’s your attitude, you’re missing out on one of the best ways you can take advantage of advances in tactical technology for your own, non- law enforcement needs.

Here’s the thing: police gloves are fairly inexpensive relative to other styles of tactical gloves. But they offer a ton of performance and functionality. And odds are, you want what they offer, you just don’t know it yet.

You like the idea of having puncture-resistant glvoes, right? Of course you do. Well, police gloves are primarily intended to give you the benefit of puncture resistance while allowing you to maintain your manual dexterity.

And if knuckle protection is your thing, you can get that easily and effectively in a pair of inexpensive police gloves. When you hop on the motorcycle, you want your knuckles protected from falls and crashes, and hard knuckle gloves are just what the doctor ordered in that scenario.

Why settle for ordinary gloves when you can get protection too? There’s no reason to simply wear a pair of fashionable leather gloves that don’t protect your hands from anything but a cool breeze. With proper police gloves, you get knuckle protection, pierce protection (from sharp objects), and maybe even some impact resistance too, if you opt for a style with padded palms.

Here’s why police officers rarely take off their gloves. They work in an unpredictable environment where they never know what might happen. They often don’t have time to pull on their gloves (or other tactical gear) when it looks like something dangerous is about to happen. They need to be prepared now, whether they know danger is afoot or not.

So law enforcement personnel can’t take a chance by not wearing their gloves. They have to keep the gloves on all the time. Therefore, the gloves have to be comfortable and fit securely. This means a good, secure strap around the wrist, and a tight fit that doesn’t loosen up as soon as you flex your hand.

So take a moment to think about the features found in most good brands of police gloves. I’ll bet you want those features for your everyday wear gloves, whether you’re in law enforcement or not.